Record player resurgence follows boom in vinyl sales with a strong resurgence in sales of record players, alongside vinyl. And it looks like the vinyl resurgence isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it may be getting stronger.

The number of record players now sold in 2015 is up by 240% compared with same period in 2014 according to John Lewis and Nielsen. Vinyl album sales are up by 69% and a new official vinyl chart launched last month reflects an exciting revival of records.

New businesses are being developed out of old tech and now a vinyl record and a video games console can appear together.  Once polar opposites and emblematic of different generations (the record was invented in 1888, the Sega Mega Drive was released a hundred years later), yet the pair can now be intrinsically linked thanks to Data Discs a small record label in West London. We like these guys.

Now, where’s the TrimPhone gone…