Get into the Grove

Grove, a Kickstarter project from Boston, enables you to grow your own fresh produce in your home. Designed and built by engineers from MIT, the Ecosystem is designed to grow sustainable, organic and hyper local food. What’s not to love about fresh food and your own botanical garden in your kitchen!

The Good Hotel

A non-profit floating platoon hotel opened in Amsterdam this year, offering unemployed locals three months hospitality training. Once the training is complete, the individuals are offered a three-month working contract. The hotel will be moored in Amsterdam for a year before moving to a permanent location in Brazil in 2016. Well, that’s your hotel sorted for Rio 2016 Olympics.

Moveable feast

As part of the push to help refugees in Lebanon, an amazing woman has created a catering business, offering employment to Palestinian refugees. This project is currently on Kickstarter, raising funds to buy and run a food truck. This amazing venture offers new hope and dignified jobs for refugees.

You can make a pledge here